BrainPad BrainClip



ever easier. The BrainClip uses alligator clips to easily connect the clips to any BrainPad.


* Requires BrainPad Pulse, NOT INCLUDED!

  • Features

    • Solderless connections using clips.
    • Several sensors for understanding inputs from physical world into the “brain”.
    • Several outputs for understanding how the “brain” controls the physical world.
    • Remote control for wireless control.
  • What’s in the Box?

    • Color LED light
    • Color LED ring with 8x individually controllable lights
    • Distance sensor
    • Light sensor
    • Buzzer speaker
    • Red button
    • Green button
    • Sound sensor
    • Analog rocker module
    • Motion detector
    • Infrared receiver
    • Infrared remote control (battery included)
    • 10x alligator clip wires
    • Reusable case

Additional information

Weight 1.23 kg
Dimensions 24 × 29 × 16 cm


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