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“Education is the key that unlocks the golden door to freedom”
“Education is part of our life; it never ends till the last breath”

Sheik Jameel Ahamed,
Director of Everbest Media Sdn. Bhd

Everbest Media Sdn Bhd (EBM), Incorporated on April 9th,  2007.  The company is based at  No.4 Jalan 32/10A, Taman Perindustrian IKS, Mukim Batu, 68100 Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur. 


EBM has been involved in the distribution and supply of scholarly and non-scientific reading materials to meet the needs of the current market, particularly to Universities, Colleges, schools, Bookstores, Libraries and many others. EBM also intends to go further by engaging in the field of publishing through careful planning and strategy, particularly in scholarly publications, to meet societal demands and form a strong generation of thinking aligned with current developments.

EBM has always kept up with the latest needs of the education industry. As of 2019, EBM ventured into Education Technology (EdTech) Industry. Promoting and creating awareness of STEM Learning. Since then, Everbest Media Sdn. Bhd. has been approached by various International EdTech companies to be a strategic partner here in Malaysia. These international EdTech companies provide the best EdTech solutions, won numerous international EdTech awards and certification and has proven to support educators and students in modern education.

Starting the year 2022, Everbest Media Sdn. Bhd. will focus on distributing and supplying the best EdTech solutions and professional development training to Education institutions in Malaysia with the hope of increasing students’ development and interests in STEM Learning, vocational skills development, Coding and Programming, Robotics, 3D Printing, Drone Aviation Technology, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) at the same time assisting education institution in the development of a digital maker hub.

EBM strongly values human development as it is critical to a country’s survival and believes that books and technology are the best media for increasing knowledge and enhancing the skills of individuals and society. As a result, the involvement of the EBM Organisation in the book industry and EdTech is seen as a catalyst for the development of Malaysian’s thinking towards achieving skills and dynamics.

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Provide, distribute and supply books, resources, technology and training that best fit the education institutions (Univesities, Colleges, schools, bookstores, library and others) with trust, value and satisfaction to support an environment in which reading for pleasure, study and lifelong learning can flourish, encourage human development and Nation development. 

Be the leader in providing quality education, technologies, resources, training supply,  and create a world  where everyone has access to the best quality education materials (books, resources, education technology and training) and the opportunity to read in any circumstances, that will enrich, improve and change lives.



We believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn, regardless of the situation. We support people at all levels in their efforts to access the books and technology they need to reach their goals.


You don’t have to make do all the old books and technology that don’t meet your needs. The quality of the books and technology we provide, distribute and supply is a hallmark of our work.


The capacity building creates a long-term impact. We help enhance local libraries’ ability to support their communities by training librarians and teachers in working with children and other key skills.


Working through partnerships and our work is effective, responsive and able to meet the real needs of the community. We work closely with national library services, NGOs, regional library networks, local governments, and individual institutions.

At Everbest Media,

Our objective is to supply and provide
technology and reading materials to:

Book shops/ Book stores

Schools, Universities,

Local Library

Bumiputera Contractors

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Registeration Number: 768689-H

No. 4, Jalan 32/10A,
Taman Perindustrian IKS,
Mukim Batu 68100,
Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur

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+603 6184 2003  /  +603 6187 7003

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MoF No: 35702145578

STEM Innovation Lab by EBM

Our conceptual development of a STEM Innovation Lab – it is a space build within a community to bring the community members – kids, educators, parents, industry  experts together to encourage the activity of digital making. It links people from different sectors and  background to come together in a community context to contribute to the spreading and mastery of digital  making knowledge.

STEM Innovation Lab acts as a multipurpose resource room used by different classes and educators with the intention to build and make different kinds of STEM products – ranging  from microcontrollers, robotics Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. It should have a conducive and positive learning environment  where anyone can learn new skill and to share ideas on their own digital project.

It is important that STEM Innovation Lab are equipped with diverse  tools,  materials  and  learning resources that is made available for its members that could help nudge  them to  invent and embark on a digital making project. Showcasing past projects can be crucial in  giving inspiration to members that are new to the scene.STEM Innovation Lab hosts and run meaningful activities, lessons and meetups between educators, mentors and students to truly play a role in supporting the objectives of STEM movement.

STEM Innovation Lab may be called differently and have many other names. However, its aim should remain the same which is to create more  innovative young minds and actively bringing ideas come to life. We at EBM can help assist you with the development of your own STEM Innovation Lab. With our affordable solutions and expertise. Contact us for more information.