Litebee Wing FM-4


The Litebee Wing FM 4-pack features a set of drones designed especially for children and drone swarm. It is not just a fun toy, but also a drone with a camera and an interesting tool to learn to program.


This set offers a swarm flight package for 4 LiteBee FM drones, with all accessories, including replacement materials.  Its building block structure provides an easy build and rebuild.

Enjoy this easy-to-use set of drones with 360 rotate and altitude hold as well as a smart mode with one-key takeoff/landing.


The drones can be controlled by the controller, smartphone, or computer programming. Explore creative projects like formation, delivery, buzzer, line tracking, or obstacle avoiding. A failsafe mode and the basic propeller guards help to avoid crash injuries.


  • Technical Specifications

    Weight: 126 g

    Wheelbase: 148 mm

    Motor: 1020 brushed

    Propeller: 75 mm dual-blade

    Propeller Guard: Basic Guard

    Control Distance: 100 m

    Flight Time: 11 min (Hover)

    Horizon Speed: 1.7 m/s

    Wind Resistance: 3 m/s

    Camera: 8 MP Effective Pixels, 88 deg FOV

  • What’s in the Box?

    4x Formation flight

    4x Aircraft

    4x Lithium battery charger

    1x QR code mat

    1x Router

    8x Lithium battery

    10x Positioning module

    10x Lampion

    4x Connection cable

    4x Charging base

    4x Micro USB

    1x Propeller tool

    1x Instruction

    1x ABS aviation trolley case

    4x Spare propeller (CW / CCW 2 each)

    4x Replacement motor (CW / CCW 2 each)

    14x Replacement pin (standard: 10 | Half: 4)

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 30 × 60 × 25 cm


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