ANTT School of IoT



IoT & Data Science Starter Kits for 10+ Years Kids


  • Packed with Electronic and Mechanical equipment for making tons of IoT projects.
  • Learn Graphical programming, C programming, Python using School Of IoT.
  • Interactive Course Curriculum for Individual Education Level beside STEAM Method.
  • Code, Control, Implement using Mobile Phone with Free interactive IoT Dashboard using School Of IoT.
  • Free gamified learning guide with lots of exciting DIY projects.
  • All in one-STEM DIY Box

    With School of IoT, the box are full of simple sensors and components. The first step toward robotics would be to control the robot wireless. And it comes with a fun projects. You have to figure out how to program the controlling scheme. And as always there’ll be guide to assist you in your STEAM world.

  • Milestone and Gamified Learning

    School Of IoT comes with experiement book, basic tutorials to advance all are super simple with plenty of tutorials. The book is graphically designed towards IoT learning.From monitoring the robot from the dashboard to control the heardware all in one guide.You will learn how program the controlling scheme. The jounrney will be extremely enjoyable.

  • School of IoT App

    ANTT Robotics has prepared phenomenal dashboard for users. It gives you a super platform for programming sensors and control from cloud. With a proficiency in School Of IoT dashboard, you will be able to control your all stuffs with this dashboard easily.You can acess this dashboard from both mobile and compute

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